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In the footsteps of Robert Bosch

In the footsteps of Robert Bosch

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The man who was to make history as the founder of a successful global technology and services company had a watchword which guided him from his early youth: “Never forget your humanity, and respect human dignity in your dealings with others.” Even if he was an enthusiastic technician and a passionate entrepreneur, it was people he was most interested in, and leadership was his greatest strength.

Almost 70 years after his death, Robert Bosch still lingers on in the company and the foundation that carry his name. While he did not hand his successors a strict rulebook, his engaging personality ensured that his influence has remained strong to this day. He is a model for others precisely because he was not perfect, but a strong and at times difficult character who was the source of much reverence and much offense. Above all, he was an object of respect, since people knew he was a careful thinker and keen observer, and that he was a person who kept his word, who “walked the talk.”