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Innovations for cars

Cars need to meet very high expectations these days: they are to be dynamic and powerful to enhance driving enjoyment, save fuel and be environment-friendly. As a developer and leading supplier of state-of-the-art automotive technology, Bosch ensures that these expectations are fulfilled. For example: Common Rail – this new injection system from Bosch has revolutionized the diesel engines in cars and utility vehicles.

Bosch wrote automotive history from the start. Groundbreaking innovations like the magneto, diesel injection and advanced technologies like Common Rail all come from Bosch. The company’s new diesel injection system has had a decisive impact on the popularity of diesel in Western Europe.


Bosch Diesel Systems

The Diesel Systems division at Bosch develops, applies and manufactures diesel systems in a global network. They help make vehicles more dynamic, cleaner and more economic. Bosch is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of injection systems for diesel engines.


How Common Rail works

Common Rail means “shared pipe”. Pressure is built up as diesel fuel is pumped continuously into a distributor pipe. This high-pressure pipe holds the fuel needed to supply all cylinders. Injection is performed under a pressure of up to 1600 bar in the injector. Injection can be separated into several phases (e.g. pre-injection, main injection and post-injection) to achieve the ideal combustion process. Common Rail optimizes the combustion process, improves the running properties of the engine and reduces emissions.


The advantages of Common Rail

This advanced injection technology from Bosch always injects just the right amount of fuel at exactly the right time. This is why Common Rail diesel engines provide real driving dynamism and smooth engine running. And they save a lot of fuel: with Common Rail, diesel cars consume 30% less than comparable gasoline cars. This not only brings big savings, but also lowers emissions and is therefore good for the environment too.