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IXO Pack and go!

IXO Pack and go

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Shedding light on the matter

The LED work light on the IXO helps work in dark areas. It is automatically switched on when the screwdriver is in use. LEDs on the top of the small screwdriver indicate the rotational direction (clockwise-anticlockwise) and warn when the remaining power is less than 30 percent. Even the strongest rechargeable needs to be charged sometime.


Like its predecessor, the new IXO is equipped with the innovative Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. That makes it small, handy, light and compact. It has about 50% less weight and volume than standard cordless devices.


As mobile as a mobile phone

The new charging cable, included as an accessory, makes a charging station unnecessary. So the IXO can be charged at any time just like a mobile phone. When and where you want – even from your car battery. It is perfect for leisure activities where a reliable tool is essential.


Long life is its strength

The IXO has an extremely low self-discharging rate. Even after a year, most of the stored energy is still available.


Easy to grip

The new IXO is even more ergonomic: The angle of the grip has been optimized so you can reach any corner. The on/off button and switch for rotational direction have also been improved for simpler operation.


The European Favorite

The IXO is the most popular power tool in Europe – among men and women. With the new IXO, Bosch presents a mobile version of the successful model.